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Model List [WIP] - nya - 02-19-2019

Here's a list of descriptions for the models in the game:

Format: Filename - Description (Optional: Some context)

Portrait Ghosts
baby - Chauncey

bfire - Bogmire

boy - Henry and Orville

builder - Biff Atlas

dancer - Male Dancer

dancer2 - Female Dancer

denwa - Uncle Grimmly

dog - Spooky The Dog

doll - Toy Soldier Ghost

eater - Mr. Luggs

elh - Weird Unused Monster UNUSED

fat - Ms. Petunia

father - Neville

gaka - Vincent Van Gore

girl - Sue Pea

hustler - Slim Bankshot

kopabody - Bowser's Body Without Head

kopabom - Bowser's Spike Bombs

kopahead - Bowser's Disembodied Head

kopakage - Bowser's Shadow

ltelesa - King Boo (No Crown)

kopatele - Bowser Head + King Boo (Ending Cutscene)

mother - Lydia

obaasan - Nana

pianist - Melody

shadow - Early Bogmire UNUSED

situji - Shivers (The Butler)

telesa2 - Boolossus

tubone - Jarvis

uranai - Madame Clairvoya

yukiyama - Sir Weston

Portrait Ghost Objects
babyball - Chauncey's ball

barbell - Exercise instrument

bball - Ball found in Nursery

bone - Mr. Bones' Bone

candle - Shiver's Candle

car - Henry's Car

gun - Toy Soldier's Cork Rifle

hcue - Slim Bankshot's Cue Balls

heart - Ghost Heart

htama - Slim Bankshot's Ball

ibox - Henry and Orville's Box (Hide & Seek)

ikuma - Chauncey's Teddy bear

isu - Neville's Rocking Chair

isu2 - Nana's Rocking Chair

moku - Chauncey's Rocking Horse

okeito1 - Nana's Ball of Thread

otub1 - Jarvis' Jar

otub2 - Jarvis' Jar

otub3 - Jarvis' Jar

otub4 - Jarvis' Jar

otub5 - Jarvis' Jar

piero1 - Sue Pea's Clown Doll

piero2 - Sue Pea's Clown Doll

pillar - Roof Pillar (Final Battle)

plane - Orville's Airplane

tabemono - Mr Luggs's Food

tomato - Tomato UNUSED

zenmai - Toy Soldier's Wind-Up Key

Regular Ghosts
banaoba - Garbage Can ghost

bshadow - Bogmire's Shadow

bshadow - Bogmire's Shadow Duplicate

heylance - Shy Guy's weapon

heymask - Shy Guy's mask

heypo - Shy Guy

obake01 - Gold Ghost

obake02 - Pink/Purple Puncher

obake03 - Blue Twirler

obake04 - Bowling ghost

skul - Skeleton Ghost

tenjyo - Purple and White Ceiling Surprise Ghost

topoo - Grabbing ghost

waiter - Waiter ghost

Ambient Ghosts
ball - Ball Ghost UNUSED

bat - Purple and Gold Bat

bomb - Red Spikey Bomb Ghost

door - 1F Fake Door

door2 - 3F Fake Door

door3 - Laundry Room Fake Door

poo - Small Floating Ghost (Pipe Room)

star - Meteor Ghost

rat - Purple and Gold Rat

telesa - Boo

bmario - Mario (With Straps) UNUSED

demobak1 - Demo Gold Ghost

dhakase - Demo E-Gadd

dhakase2 - Demo E-Gadd (Alternate Version)

dluige01 - Demo Luigi (Neutral)

dluige02 - Demo Luigi (Open Mouth)

dluige03 - Same as dluige01

dmario - Demo Mario

dkoppa - Demo Bowser

kinopio - Toad

lohakase - Demo E-Gadd

luige - Luigi

Environment Objects
blossom - Plant (Backyard)

bottle01 - Wine Bottle

dust - Pile of Dust

dwaku - E-Gadd's Portrait Machine Ventilation

ed07key - Cinematic Key (Gold Ghost Cutscene)

ed07rug - Rug (Gold Ghost Cutscene)

flag - White Flag UNUSED

ibook - Flying Book

ifly - Frying Pan

inabe - Frying Pan

iphone - Telephone (Telephone Room)

kareki - Brown Plant

kere - Box

kibako01 - Generic Create Box (UNKNOWN)

marioe - Mario's Picture Frame

mkinoko - Poison Mushroom

net01 - Spider Web

nut - Plant Sprout (Backyard)

odoor1 - Toy Door (Pink)

odoor2 - Toy Door (Yellow/Orange)

odoor3 - Toy Door (Pink)

odoor4 - Toy Door (Pink)

odoor5 - Toy Door (Yellow/Orange)

odoor6 - Toy Door (Pink)

oere - Elevator Pillar

okami1 - Music Sheets

otobira - Toy Double Door (Roof Elevator)

oufo1 - Plate from Tea Room

oufo2 - Plate from Tea Room

seed - Flower Seed (Backyard)

shower - Shower curtains

takara1 - Treasure Chest

telball - Boo Ball

Parts to E-Gadd's Machine
dkikai - Part of E-Gadd's Machine

edarm - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

edashuk - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

edbet - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

edfuta - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

edsentak - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

edtv - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

edusiro - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kiarm - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kiashuk - Polterfication Press for E-Gadd's Machine

kibet - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kifuta - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kisentak - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kitv - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kiusiro - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kun01 - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

kun02 - More Parts For E-Gadd's Machine

key01 - Regular key

key02 - Heart Key (Chauncey)

key03 - Club Key (Bogmire)

key04 - Diamond Key (Boolossus)

key05 - Spade Key (Vincent Van Gore)

beam - Flat Sprite Plane (UNKNOWN)

gameboy - Gameboy Horror

mphand - Luigi's Hand

vbody - Poltergust UNUSED

vhead - Vacuum Nozzle

wpair - Red Nozzle UNUSED

wplight - Flashlight

wpwater - Blue Vacuum Nozzle UNUSED

Mario's Items
mcap - Mario's Hat

mglove - Mario's Glove

mletter - Mario's Letter

mshoes - Mario's Shoe

mstar - Mario's Star

Misc / Other
dummy - No model

namida - Transparent teardrop

obasoul - Blue teardrop ghost

turara - Falling ice crystal UNUSED