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Event List [WIP] - nya - 02-19-2019

Here's a list of descriptions for the events in the game:

Format: Filename - Description

event00 - (NOTHING)

event01 - Meeting E. Gadd in the Parlor

event02 - Portrificationizer Room E. Gadd's dialogue

event03 - Talking to Melody Pianissima

event04 - Talking with the Toad in the Courtyard

event05 - (NOTHING)

event06 - (NOTHING)

event07 - Gold Ghost in the Foyer cutscene

event08 - Talking with E-Gadd in The Lab

event09 - E-Gadd's dialogue in the Training Room (1st time)

event10 - E-Gadd's dialogue in the Training Room (Every time after)

event11 - Talking with E-Gadd after a boss battle

event12 - Finding The Ice Element Medal

event13 - Waiting for the Twins to hide in their boxes

event14 - When Lydia notices the draft from the open window

event15 - Talking with E. Gadd before entering the Study

event16 - When trying to enter the Secret Altar (Boo-Check: 40)

event17 - Talking with the Toad in the Foyer

event18 - Finding Mario's shoe

event19 - Finding Mario's letter

event20 - Finding Mario's star

event21 - Finding Mario's hat

event22 - After waking up Chauncey

event23 - When talking with Mr. Bones for when Spooky gets noisy

event24 - Talking about the Hide'n'Seek minigame with Twins

event25 - Guest Room gets flipped

event26 - E-Gadd's dialogue in the lab (UNUSED VERSION)

event27 - Activates Shivers (The Butler)

event28 - Talking to E-Gadd in The Gallery

event29 - Talking to E-Gadd via the GBH after catching a Boo

event30 - Going up The Clockwork Room elevator

event31 - Chauncey's door cutscene

event32 - Talking with the Toad on the Balcony

event33 - Talking to Jarvis

event34 - After freezing Miss Petunia in the shower

event35 - Storage Room sliding wall cutscene

event36 - Talking with Madame Clairvoya

event37 - For when Madame Clairvoya shows her heart

event38 - Talking to Vincent Van Gore

event39 - (BOOK)Nana's Mouldy Old Journal

event40 - Going down The Clockwork Room elevator

event41 - Finding Mario's glove

event42 - Speaking with E-Gadd after a boss battle

event43 - Being teleported back to The Ghost Portrificationizer Room

event44 - When The Blackout happens

event45 - Pulling the lever to end The Blackout

event46 - Mario trapped in portrait cutscene

event47 - When trying to enter The 1F Washroom (Boo-Check: 5)

event48 - When entering The Mansion

event49 - Henry and Orville's Hide'n'Seek minigame

event50 - After shooting the ball at Chauncey

event51 - (UNKNOWN) "Activates Flag 19"

event52 - Talking with E-Gadd after returning from the final battle

event53 - Talking with a Boo that just appeared

event54 - Finding the Fire Element Medal

event55 - (BOOK)Book of Riddles

event56 - (BOOK)Neville's Big Baby Care Diary

event57 - (BOOK)Darkness is Their Cheese!

event58 - (BOOK)Book of Pericles

event59 - (BOOK)E. Gadd's Guide to Ghosts

event60 - (BOOK)Lydia's Child-Care Diary

event61 - Putting out the purple lights in Parlor

event62 - (UNKNOWN, NOTHING?)

event63 - Talking with the Toad in The Toilet 2F

event64 - Chauncy's battle stage intro cutscene

event65 - When confronting Bogmire's tombstone

event66 - Bogmire's battle stage intro cutscene

event67 - When returning To the Mansion after beating a Portrait Boss

event68 - The Observatory telescope cutscene

event69 - Disturbing the Boo's sleep cutscene

event70 - Finding the Water Element Medal

event71 - Talking with the spinning ring of Boo's at the Balcony

event72 - Boolossus's battle stage intro cutscene

event73 - When meeting King Boo in the hallway to the Secret Altar (Boo-Check: 40)

event74 - Talking with King Boo before the final battle

event75 - Luigi meeting fake Bowser cutscene

event76 - Event when you light all the candles in the Astral Hall

event77 - Game Boy Horror - Furniture Descriptions

event78 - Game Boy Horror - Ghost Heart Descriptions

event79 - Looking at Gallery Portraits

event80 - Talking to E-Gadd after one of the boss fights

event81 - Lighting Shivers's candles when he's wandering around

event82 - Talking to Vincent Van Gore

event83 - Falling from the chimney into The Sealed Room

event84 - When turning the water off in The Pipe Room

event85 - Talking with the Boo in The Attic Hallway (Boo-Check: 20)

event86 - Waking Sue Pea by spraying water on her for the 3rd time

event87 - Gameboy Horror Scan of Sue Pea (1st time)

event88 - Talking to E-Gadd via the GBH after the final battle

event89 - After setting fire to the campfire under Sir Weston's ice block

event90 - Defeating fake Bowser cutscene

event91 - When getting advice from E-Gadd via the GBH in the Bathroom 1F

event92 - (UNKNOWN) "Activates Flag 11"

event93 - Talking to a Toad via telephone

event94 - Talking to E-Gadd via telephone

event95 - Golden Rat 1 spawner

event96 - (UNKNOWN) (Boo-Check: 20)

event97 - Golden Rat 2 spawner

event98 - Golden Rat 3 spawner

event99 - Golden Rat 4 spawner

event100 - Golden Rat 5 spawner

event101 - (UNKNOWN) "Deactivates Flag 198"